1. You will NOT be alone in a time of disaster

2. You will be better prepared to act quickly and appropriately in any situation

3. You will be better informed on how to take care of yourself and loved ones until help arrives

4. You will be able to identify and minimize existing hazards around your home and neighborhood

5. You will understand what items are recommended to gather and how to store them

6. You will be prepared if you are required to evacuate your neighborhood

7. You will have a communication plan

8. You will know where to get accurate information on the situation

9. You will know who to go to in your neighborhood for specific skills or resources

10. You will have peace of mind and increased confidence in your disaster resilience and self sufficiency

11. You will have built relationships with neighbours and planned out how to come together with shared resources and supplies

Professional Organizer in Nanaimo, BC helps in disaster preparations


REALITY You may refer to your home as a ‘disaster’ when it becomes messy or disorganized, however when a real disaster strikes, you will be impacted in a much more devastating way. We hear daily of major weather related disasters………….wind storms that knock out power and communications, floods that destroy homes, mudslides carry away or…